Organizationg Art Brut Biënnale

With our biannual art manifestation, the Art Brut Biennale foundation aims to raise awareness of Art Brut art and the artists. The Art Brut Biennale provides a platform to artists with a mental or psychological challenge and gives them the opportunity to receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve. The 2012 edition was a successful pilot, after which the official version of the Art Brut Biennale is organized every two years. The board wishes to emphasize that they, as well as the Thinktank and the many volunteers, do not receive any renumeration for their work so all the available funds can go to the achievement of our goals.

Board members: Jan Noltes (Chairman), Elvira van Eijl (Curator), Frans Moorman (Treasurer), Gina Daga (Secretariate, events and volunteers), Mogjan Lisar (Project coordinator), Fenneke ten Thij (Education), Ton Harmsen (Assistant curator), Alp Buitelaar (Funding and licenses) and Harne Potgieter (Facilities and services).