Art Brut Biennale iconic event in Overijssel

New contacts Outsider Art Fair

In October 2022, Elvira van Eijl and Jan Noltes visited the Outsider Art Fair, attended by numerous international organizations and galleries. This resulted in many new international contacts, such as Debajo del Somrero from Madrid, Yataalart from Dakar, Senegal, and Lue Lu from Poznan, Poland. All of these organizations will take part in the 2023 Biennale with artists from their art studios. Photograph: a work by Alicia Herrera.

Art Brut Biennale member of the International Outsider Art Association

The Art Brut Biennale, which will be organized in Hengelo for the fifth time in 2023, has become a member of the International European Outsider Art Association. The organization regards this as an honorable recognition for our efforts, which will make it easier to get access to artists, international museums, institutions and private art collections.

Riera Studio participant of Art Brut Biennale 2023

During our visit to the Documenta 2022 in Kassel, Germany, we made contact with Riera Studio from Havanna, Cuba. They focus on fine art produced by artists outside of the officially established art institutions. Many of these unique works of art represent extreme mental conditions, ultra-individual peculiarities or extravagant fantasy worlds. Riera Studio will be amongst the many participants in the 2023 Biennale. Photograph: Elvira van Eijl at Documenta 2022.

Fenneke ten Thij joins the Art Brut Biennale board

Education is an important aspect of the Art Brut Biennale. The foundation is therefore pleased to announce that Fenneke te Thij, Master of Education (M.ed) and teacher at the Montessori College Twente, is coming to strengthen our team. Fenneke is replacing Christine Ribbert, one of the initiators of the Art Brut Biennale, who has decided to lay down her position as a board member due to her busy schedule. Photograph: Fenneke ten Thij.

What is Art Brut?

Art in its rawest and most direct manifestation: that is what Art Brut is. This type of fine art is difficult to define or classify under a common denominator, for there is hardly any kinship with any existing art form. It is created by artists who express what is within them without concern for existing ideas or theories about fine art. They don’t ask for attention or appreciation, but their work surely deserves it. It is that conviction which motivated the Art Brut Biennale to offer a platform to the pure artistic work created by artists both from our own country and from abroad. So that their work can truly speak for itself.